Why is IOMED a great place to work?

September 7, 2020

Spanish healthcare has been a role model for many countries, which is reflected in the quality and daily effort that we see from healthcare professionals. However, the recent pandemic has come to remind us of what we had forgotten: the importance of having a healthcare system that constantly evolves and adopts innovations.

During the hard months of confinement we have admired health workers, who have given their best, and we placed our faith in the laboratories and scientists who were looking for treatments and vaccines for COVID-19. Also, some of us have felt the helplessness of wanting to help, when the only thing we could and should do was staying home.

However, within that feeling of helplessness and grief there was something that kept me personally very comforted: waking up every day to work at IOMED, ​​which has a huge aim, among others: to make our healthcare system more efficient. I can confirm that this sentiment was shared by most of my colleagues from companies in the Healthcare sector.

IOMED seeks to take advantage of data stored in hospitals, using Artificial Intelligence to release healthcare workers from heavy tasks, which new technologies are able to solve quickly. Among other things, we have managed to reduce time devoted to recruiting patients for clinical trials by 90%, using Artificial Intelligence. In other words, IOMED combines talent and new technologies to help the Healthcare sector to do research and grow, making it more efficient.

The company is mainly made up of a staff of workers with an IT profile, which are highly demanded today. More and more companies value backgrounds in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) or Natural Language Processing (NLP), among others. They are the future, but also the present. The growth of a technology-based company is affirmed, among other things, in the work of people that meet these qualities and are talented.

And why is IOMED a good place to work? Here we have created an amazing environment and a very close team, we believe that the best way to work is by feeling part of a great professional and human group and that is what you may find in this company. We learn from each other, we grow professionally and as a company at the same time, valuing the talent of each one of the workers. We focused on creating a team where trust, kindness, and good times prevail. And so far, we have succeeded.

I am lucky to say that I belong to the great IOMED family, that I am growing hand in hand with them, I admire the talent of each of my colleagues and I would like that you (who are reading this article and now know a little more about us) have the same luck as I do, of choosing to work in a team like ours. IOMED is growing and, as I mentioned before, if a company wants to grow it needs talent, and that is what we are looking for. We are looking for people with a passion for their work, with a desire to learn and share knowledge, with a desire to grow and help others growing, and, above all, that trust in their talent when it comes to improving the health system and clinical research in our country.

What are you waiting for? Explore the possibility of working here! Check out our open positions: https://iomed.es/en/careers/

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Júlia Collazos

Recruitment Assistant