IOMED, ​​selected by the international consortium EHDEN to promote the standardization of clinical data in Europe.

May 26, 2021

The standardization of clinical information is practically a necessity for health systems. The European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) works in this direction, a consortium made up of universities, research centers, and entities of the pharmaceutical industry, whose ultimate objective is to generate evidence based on Real World Data (RWD), on a European scale.

The aim is to build a large European network of structured clinical data with a common format (OMOP CDM), which will facilitate medical research. This network will have more than 100 million anonymized and structured medical records from hospitals, health centers, and regional databases.

As of May, IOMED is part of the companies selected by EHDEN to support the ecosystem in the task of mapping data stored in disparate formats, in different health centers. This will allow us to have data ready for clinical research, as well as to improve healthcare and decision-making in this area.

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Rocio Paciarotti

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