Full Stack Software Engineer

Barcelona - Software Development - Full time

Competitive salary
Last update: September 27, 2022

About the job

We’re looking for a full stack developer to join our Software Development team.  IOMED’s products consist of an integrated suite of web applications that dramatically simplify the process of clinical research, by providing a unified and standardized access to structured clinical data. This role involves working on such products built with our React (TS) + Python + PostgreSQL stack.

Our team is made up of people from a broad range of backgrounds, including computer science, bioinformatics and medicine. You’ll be in a key position as the company grows, so your contributions will be vital to the company’ success. As a startup, we are looking for people who are eager to innovate and be part of a project with impact on the healthcare industry, enjoying what we do, team-work and taking on new challenges. We are interested in diverse backgrounds and we value people who want to continuously learn.

About you

You will be working in a very dynamic environment, which means that you must have a strong problem-solving ability, organization skills, and be proactive. 

Although accompanied by other members of the company and guided by the Software Development team you will be in charge of the technical details for one of the products we are building. This implies that you must have a great sense of responsibility and good communication skills. 

In terms of personality, we are looking for someone who enjoys working in a wide range of areas and adapts quickly to new situations. We are looking for someone who is able to work independently, is willing to follow and contribute to our set of guidelines, isn’t afraid to ask questions and who won’t hesitate helping out his/her teammates.


You will have to feel comfortable giving support to the rest of the team and you can definitely expect to:

  • Work on applications developed with Python + React (Typescript) + PostgreSQL.
  • Work on modern development environments built on Kubernetes.
  • Work with collaborative code tools such as Gitlab.
  • Make decisions about the technical and visual aspects of the product you work on.
  • Work together with a team in the design and development of a web based product.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to support and improve architecture, systems, processes, standards, and tools.
  • Documentate your code, architecture and practices throughout the development process.

What we are looking for

We are looking for someone who is self-sufficient but at the same time a great team player with some real world experience with the technologies and methodologies we use. You will have to feel comfortable giving support to the rest of the team and you can definitely expect to:

  • Has 2+ years of experience working with React (Typescript), Python and, ideally, Relational Databases (PostgreSQL).
  • Feels very comfortable using Git and it’s cloud implementations (Gitlab)
  • Hands-on experience with testing frameworks (PyTest + React Testing Lib/Jest). 
  • Knows how to work with Design Systems and component libraries.
  • Has worked before with containerized services and applications, preferably with Kubernetes.
  • Has experience with data visualization libraries such as D3 or ECharts.
  • Likes well designed products and is willing to use design tools such as Figma.
  • Has a good understanding of the software development principles, design patterns and code conventions.
  • Writes clean, maintainable code.
  • Is willing to learn from and contribute to a healthy work environment.

What we offer

  • Indefinite term contract.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Company profit-sharing scheme valued at up to €10,000 per year
  • Flexible remuneration with restaurant tickets, transport tickets, nursery, training, and medical insurance.
  • Flexible schedule, with the possibility of home office. 
  • 28 days of vacation per year.
  • A warm, transparent and supportive team, with a huge emphasis on work-life balance. 
  • The opportunity to make your mark in e-health and AI. 


IOMED is a leading technology start-up company in the field of massive medical data extraction and processing. It is made up of a united, young, dynamic, and flexible team, which, after several years of working together, is characterized by its agility, enjoyment of work, and rapport. Accordingly, we are looking for candidates with the desire to innovate, launch a relevant project, and grow with it, always enjoying teamwork and challenges, which are many, every day.

As an employer, we offer equal opportunity. We want to grow our team with talented, dynamic people who want to make their mark in the field of AI and research, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, physical disability, or age.

What we do 

Nowadays, there is still great difficulty in accessing Real-World Data (Real-World Data), which are those contained in Electronic Health Records (EHR), since up to 85% of the existing clinical data is not structured. This represents a loss of opportunity for the sector to improve its healthcare processes and clinical research.

IOMED has developed a Natural Language Processing solution that extracts and transforms clinical data into an international and federated model, OMOP CDM, resulting in a structured, standardized, and interoperable database that contains complete clinical information from hospitals.

In this way, professionals and the industry can make use of this data and obtain evidence based on all the data, Real World Evidence, that has essential value when it comes to making decisions, among others. All this, in addition, to assuring the protection and governance of the data at all times.