Instant Real World Data.


With the usual methodology, obtaining Real World Data takes weeks

  • Clinical research questions

    • Patient profiling (age, sex, other diagnoses…)
    • Which site has more criteria-compliant patients?
    • Current treatment pattern.

  • Common information sources

    • Studies on demand for each case.
    • Review of scientific papers.
    • Primary-source surveys.

  • Results

    • Estimations and extrapolations, after several weeks of work.

In everyday tasks, access to Real World Data should be faster

Get instant information with Compass

Compass is IOMED’s interface to:


Know how many patients comply with specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.


Build cohorts and get summary information about them.


Follow the same cohort along time.

Sample dashboard of information in Compass

About Compass

Who is Compass for?

For clinical research teams that carry out Feasibility Studies, write Value Dossiers, Disease Landscapes and other projects.

How does it work?

Users login to the platform and perform their queries by adding inclusion and exclusion criteria.

What is the output?

Compass provides aggregate data. Eg: 75-100 patients; Average of 5 outpatient consultations.

How is data protection ensured?

Compass provides aggregate data, that has been previously anonymized.

Use cases

Feasibility study


Use and prescription of medications