Extract the full value of clinical data through our tools..


How it works

A set of tools designed to work together to process and access clinical data.

  • Local storage

    Our database is installed in the hospitals, allowing data governance by the hospital.

  • Process clinical data

    Our Medical Language Processing tools structures hundreds of medical records per second.

  • Dive into billions of variables

    Once data is processed, you can search all the relevant variables from several centers simultaneously.


Key features

A multi-model federated database for clinical data.

Distributed SQL

Massive scale without giving up SQL. Uses standard SQL and is compatible with the PostgreSQL wire protocol.

Data Residency GDPR

Controls storage location and ensures data stays within each facility.


Supports both relational and graph data models, making complex queries easy.


Resilient and fault tolerance, with built-in network partition tolerance. Making each facility independent.

Medical Language API

Key features

Extract all the clinical variables from electronic health records.

Medical Language

Natural Language Processing that extracts medical entities, their context and relations from clinical text.


We use SNOMED-CT along with other terminologies for a maximum reusability.

Continuous Learning

Adapted to each clinical center, to learn from all the oddities unique to each hospital.

Machine Learning

The outputs from our Medical Language are validated by external clinicians.


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