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Use cases.

Meaning extraction from a written sentence

Extract dark data:

Identifies hospital readmission patterns
Anticipates urgent cases
Reduces pharmaceutical extra costs
Discovers correlations between medical and financial data
Improves your client's DRG
Automatic coding of concepts

Medical terminology code systems:

Semantic encoding with SNOMED
Diagnostic encoding with ICD-10
Procedures encoding with ICD-10
LOINC observations mapping

Natural language understanding (NLU) applications:

Make your system capable of understanding medical data
Develop conversational interfaces
OLAP on clinics variables

Medical Language API.

  • Understand medical texts with an easy-to-use JSON API.
  • Recognize and encode medical concepts: ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC.
  • Clasify medical concepts: Finding, Anatomy, Substance...
  • Comprehend context and negations.


  • A HTML5/JS interface for quick and easy integration of our APIs.
  • Quick and easy instalation with only 7 lines of code.
  • Automatic upgrades with new features
  • Real time voice to text dictation.
MedInput, an example of IOMED's technology