IOMED - medicine is hard enough
so we made the tool easy.

Assisted medical input tagging.

Faster data introduction

You can freely write while our software provides suggestions and auto-completion.

Text understanding

The software automatically understands medical concepts, providing visual clues to indicate it.

Powerful visualizations

Now you can visually explore the history of your patient, available for you at a glimpse.

Easy to use

Our goal is to create a software so easy to use that you need no user manual. Just launch it and start exploring it.

The new
medical tool

At IOMED we have merged our experience in medicine, data science and data visualization to create a powerful but easy to use software. Our goal is to provide doctors with the tool they deserve, in order to both ease their daily work and improve the reuse of medical data with scientifi goals.

Meet Gauss, your medical assistant.

Your medical assistant

Wondering about some specific fact about your patient?
Just ask Gauss.

Ready, always

Without moving from your workspace, you can now ask for whatever you want. Gauss will look for the answer and show it in an intuitive and navigable way.