Bring intelligence to your medical data.|

Extract insights from a hospital's clinical notes to enhance its quality and sustainability.

We believe in a high-quality and sustainable healthcare

The mining of structured health data can yearly save up to 8% of total healthcare expenses.

Healthcare data remains unstructured.

We offer you:

Data structuring

Obtain structured and analyzable data from medical text in real time. Automatically codify ICD 10, LOINC and SNOMED.


Seamless integration with your existing solution. No changes to your interface. Quick and easy, just 7 lines of code.


Adopt the latest standards of semantic interoperability with SNOMED-CT and clinical data with HL7®️ FHIR

MedInput, an example of IOMED's technology

Products that scale with you


  • Automate your queries on structured data and get complex analysis automatically.
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Medical Language

  • Integrate the latest artificial intelligence into your solution using a simple API and obtain structured data useful for your customer.
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  • A new generation of multi-model database with a query engine that allows you to perform quick queries on complex health data.
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