Clinical Research

What do we do?

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    Currently only 15-25% of all the information contained in hospitals is structured. Manual data collection is costly and does not allow the millions of available medical records to be reviewed.

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    IOMED develops Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, which transform the text of medical notes into databases that can be consulted quickly and easily for clinical research.

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    To date, IOMED tools have processed more than 30 million medical records, out of a total of 2.5 million patients in Spain.


Introducing Compass

Aggregate Real World Data.

  • Instantly.

  • Unlimited queries.

  • With a user-friendly interface.


Millions of variables from structured medical records thanks to our Natural Language Processing.



IOMED complies with the GDPR. In addition, it takes additional measures in the processing and storage of the dadta for greater security.


Certainty and quality

The data structured by IOMED is exact, coming from the entire universe of available information. They are in no case estimates.



It works with structured information also from free text, obtaining data for any type of research question.


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